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Just Getting Started?

What to do if you’re just starting out on your Author Adventure: planning, preparation, and dealing with your Inner Dickhead



  • ? Haunted by horrific howlers

    Writing a book isn't just about the writing; it's about the details, too. The fine points that mark you out as a professional. Stuff your readers may not notice on a conscious level, but if you get it wrong, they'll feel it. They'll know.

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  • Having a religious experience

    You can create a sacred space even in a shared office, a busy home, or a public café; it just takes a little ingenuity and a certain amount of hard-headed resolve.

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  • Same-Same But Different

    What would you do with your business and your products and services if there were no rules? If nobody was watching? If you could guarantee nobody would laugh?

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  • Strippers shafted by sharecropping

    Use all the tools at your disposal: build a rabid Instagram following, especially if your business is visual like aerial arts, painting, cartooning, and exotic dancing – but please don't make it the only thing you do.

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  • Don’t drink and prime

    Don't just read; do.

    Of course, some books make it easier to do that than others... Like my new book How The Hell Do You Write A Book. It not only makes it super simple for you to take action on what you're learning, it also helps you write a book of your own that people will read and use and get value from.

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  • You have an egg hanging out your bum

    Most of us are starters, not finishers. We're entrepreneurs, so we're easily excited and enthused by new ideas and big plans and the next shiny thing — but when it comes to finishing what we started...? Writing that book? Launching that course?

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  • It’s a one-person kitchen dammit

    I'm often asked where I get all my ideas for writing from, and how I can keep telling stories. People wonder when they'll get hit by the inspiration fairy.

    Truth is, you won't be.

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  • Always picked last

    When you see competitors doing well, it feels kinda like getting picked last.

    Why aren't they choosing me? Why them? What do they have that I don't? I know my products and services are better, so why am I picked last?

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