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Day 11: Clever or funny?

Would you rather be clever or funny?I’m gonna be greedy with this one and say BOTH.I am both clever and funny.Srsly though, I do love to make people laugh—it’s disarming, it’s charming, it’s


Day 10: National Lazy Day

Ohhhhh I love this.I’ve shared a prompt before about “laziness”—and my feelings about protestant work ethics and capitalist death grinds….So today, think on this: what would you do with a day


Day 9: Book Lovers’ Day

I couldn’t ignore this one, could I?I am a book lover. A lover of books. All types of books, but especially hardback books—beautifully printed and bound copies.The stories inside, of course, are


Day 8: International Cat Day

AAAAAAA I love my cat-bears so much!Noodle and Whiskey, they are, and they are the best cats in the world. I know you probably think your cat is the best in the world, but you’d be wrong.Sorry.It’s


Day 7: What are you picky about?

Joe would probably say I’m picky about all sorts of stuff.He’d be right.Here’s a list:The curtains: they must be closed properly or else I cannot relax.How the washing is hung on the line.All my


Day 6: The last time you stayed up all night

When I wrote this prompt, I had to really dig back into my brain holes to remember the last time I stayed up all night.It was a long time ago, I guess, because the closest I’ve got recently was after


Day 5: International Beer Day

Did you know beer has been around for millennia?It’s the third most popular drink after water and tea.(Tea is my absolute fave—just this morning, I had a TEAMERGENCY—I used the last teabag in the


Day 4: A thing in nature that fascinates you

Well this wasn’t an easy prompt for me because so many things in nature fascinate me.But I had to choose one and so: hermit crabs.Did you know that when hermit crabs are ready to upsize their shells,


Day 3: Your fave memes + gifs

Today’s writing prompt is less a writing prompt than a general creativity prompt: what’s your favourite meme or gif?Why?Mine is this one because 1) I love an inflatable tube man and 2) IT’S TWERKING


Day 2: Rank your snacks

When you’re feeling snacky, what do you do?Slice of toast with Marmite?Piece of fruit?Handful of nuts?Crisps or chocolate?And if there are snacks in your cupboard right now, rank 'em. For example,

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