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Day 11: Current earworm

As I write this, I am sobbing like the world is ending.I'm listening to King's College Choir sing O Holy Night, which is one of the songs that gives me frisson. It makes me feel so many feelings.As the


Day 10: National Houseplant Week

Houseplants used to give me the creeps.I have memories of half-dead plants in darkened rooms at my great-grandma's house, and they made me feel sad. The smell of geraniums still haunts me.Plus, I couldn't


Day 9: A smell that transports you through space + time

Petrichor.The word comes from the Greek for "wet rock" and it means that smell you get after it rains.Petrichor transports me back to my pre-teen years, when we'd be out on the Black Track making dens


Day 8: What can you do really well?

We all have something we can do really well. What can you do?The obvious answer would be what we do for a living, and it might be a useful exercise for you to articulate the obvious...But what ELSE can


Day 7: What do not many people know about you?

We all have secrets—sometimes for good reasons and sometimes just because we've never talked about them.Today's prompt is all about hidden aspects of yourself: what do not many people know about you?Maybe


Day 6: Why do you think people should listen to you?

Look, they can't all be easy prompts, or we won't stretch ourselves So today, please consider: why do you think people should listen to you?If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, this exercise is


Day 5: Who do you admire?

Simple question today.Who do you admire? Why?I admire many people, but today I'm thinking of LeVar Burton—and not only because he played Lieutenant Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.But


Day 4: National Spaghetti Day—what’s your favourite pasta?

Did you know that chickens LOVE spaghetti?They will fight over it. Not proper blood-and-claws fight, but they will mug each other for spaghetti, then run off with it and sloop it up through their beaks


Day 3: Festival of Sleep

I bloody LOVE my bed. I love it.It is a beautiful peaceful place of cosiness and quiet. There are no electronics in my bedroom (except a Kindle and an alarm clock that wakes me gently with birdsong and


Day 2: What do you want to change about your life?

Ooh now here’s another deep question and I promise that tomorrow will be silly.But it is January 2, and the world is hurling “new beginnings” at us, so we may as well join in.Is there anything

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