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Episode 226: Heroic Books

Join Vicky as she interviews BAFTA-award winning screenwriter and publisher Helen Blakeman of Heroic Books! Yes – an honest-to-murgatroyd actual BAFTA winner on the show, which is super-exciting. If


Ditch the Shoe Leather

Start Writing Your Book Today If you want to learn more about how to write, self-publish, and market a book for your business, snaffle yourself a copy of How The Hell Do You Write A Book?


Episode 225: Bullshit Monsters with Anaïs Bock

Sounds like a supergroup, right? AND IT IS! Meet Anaïs Bock and her Bullshit Monsters. If you have ever experienced any resistance to doing anything (and we all have) you need this episode. Anaïs introduces


Never has pain felt so exquisite

​I reached up to the bar, lifted my feet up and off, lowered myself to the ground– and did my little happy Snoopy dance.128 days ago, I got off a trapeze with no idea as to when I'd be able to get


Episode 224: “I’ll never get published!” [Writing Excuses]

Joe and I talk eyebrows, courgettes, and the perils of publishing. This week, your hosts demolish the myth that traditional publishing is the only way to become a published author. Sneak peek: it's


Episode 223: Impact not Action with Yinka Ewuola

It has taken far too long to get Yinka on the podcast, but this week she's here – and she and Vicky dive right into the meat of what's going on with women in business. They talk lightening the load,


Episode 222: “I Need Motivation!” [Writing Excuses]

Your brain is like a rock. You just need to push it downhill. Want to know what we're on about? Tune into the latest episode of The 1,000 Authors Show with Vicky and Joe, and discover the big myth


Daffodils aren’t supposed to be anxious

​​​"I'm worried about the daffodils!" I blurted.Joe stared at me. "Um. What?""The daffodils!" I wailed.Anxiety is a funny thing. It manifests in bizarre ways. Like a couple of years ago, when I


Choking the onions

​​The onions are choking.They've been choking for 3 weeks now and all I've done is feel guilty as I walk past.Until yesterday morning."I'll just weed the first row," I said to myself. "It'll only


Episode 221: My Competitors Are Thieves! [Writing Excuses]

Join Vicky, Joe, and Beetrice the Bee for the latest episode in the Writing Excuses series. Learn about the power of focus, and why you shouldn't pay too much attention to your competitors – all

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