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Michael Stipe was right

Michael Stipe was right, eh?Oof. What a few days, eh?It's the end of the world as we know it.And I'm not being a doomy tin-foil hat person; the world as we know it has ended. Things are different.


What you’re feeling is normal

The UK is now in lockdown, which is... weird.The UK is now in lockdown, which is... weird.Very weird.Joe and I have been locked down anyway really; only going out to buy food and whatnot. But it feels


Episode 207: Not Today Satan! Sloth [7 Deadly Sins]

My arms look like Popeye has had a fight with a bulldozer and once again, I'm wearing an emergency hat. That takes longer than it should. When Joe and I finally get to the point, you'll discover how


🦠 The lowdown on lockdown 🗝️

This was gonna be my top 3 tips for working from home if you're not used to it.Then Joe asked me to get him a chocolate orange from the kitchen and I had to add another tip (you'll have to watch this


That escalated fast…

Well, that escalated fast.Honestly, I've been thinking and mulling over and wondering what to write (and resisting the urge to make terrible jokes because too soon?).So today I'm going to share what


Episode 206: Book Covers That Sell with Julia Brown

This week, we take a break from the 7 Deadly Sins and I am joined by Julia Brown, fine artist and book cover designer extraordinaire. We get all excited about books in general and art and design and creativity


Episode 205: How Gluttony Can Scupper Your Book [7 Deadly Sins]

Insert Video Joe and I huddle under a blanket at 7.30 am. If you listen carefully you'll even hear birds tweeting in the background. It's all very idyllic and kind of cold. In this episode, your

Small boy with ice cream all over his face

How Gluttony Could Derail Your Book

Image credit: Ross Sokolovski​Watch the video here: Listen to the podcast here:Gluttonous writing makes miserable reading...It was a little like something from a horror movie: in the silence among


How I stopped drinking alcohol

Tuesday Boozeday!Thursday: almost the weekend so let's have a glass of wine!Friday night: pizza and beer!Saturday night: spurious excuse to celebrate something = prosecco!Sunday evening: dinner and wine


Episode 204: Stay Humble? Knobs to that… [7 Deadly Sins]

This week, I look too awful for a video and Joe's eye is threatening to ooze over the entire world. We are too proud to show their faces, which is somewhat ironic when you consider that this episode is

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