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Episode 203: The Problem With Invidia [7 Deadly Sins of Writing a Book]

Joe and I get all etymological on you and fling three cool words in your direction. Can you use them all in a sentence this week? One of those words is "mudita" – which is something you want to cultivate


Commit no nuisance

On Facebook the other day, my sister-in-law posted a picture that made me snort with laughter.It's a splendid example of English scolding: "commit no nuisance".But it got me thinking about how things

Scratching out eyes

On Finding Mudita

Image credit: KatieSzAs well as an Inner Dickhead, I also have an Inner Toddler.My Inner Toddler gives face, voice, and rage to my least-favourite emotion: envy.Here's an article about envy and


Episode 202: Lessons From My Book Launch

This week, I try and fail to avoid Joe's extreme garlic breath, then explain why snooker is a great antidote to Stephen King. After some discussion of daffodils, we get to the point: my recent book


Lessons From My Book Launch

If anyone ever tells you launching a book (or any product, for that matter) is easy, smile sweetly and back away. They’re either lying, or utterly clueless.Speaking of utterly clueless, I did my first


Episode 201: Inner Critic or Inner Dickhead?

In this week's episode, I discover I'm actually married to a robot. Or possibly an android. Either way, I'm alarmed and confused, because Joe doesn't ever talk to himself. He has no inner dialogue.


Are you a shenanigator?

Seth Godin calls it making a ruckus.​Which I like.But I call it being a shenanigator.(Well, I do now, ever since my friend Jodie sent me a thing explaining that the word "shenanigator" means "one who


The Two Voices in Your Head

What's it like inside your skull?Is it serene, like goldfish – or hectic, like angry chickens?What do your inner voices whisper – or shout – at you?Take a moment to listen to the conversations


Episode 200: 15 Reasons to Write a Book

Joe and I fail to do anything special for our 200th podcast episode, except be staggered that we've recorded so many. In this episode, there is a single posh candle, Joe has a bad hair day, and I have


Recruit friends to help you

Habits are easier to keep when people are cheering you on, right?​Take Spanish, for example.I've been learning Spanish on Duolingo for a few months now, and I'm pretty good about practising regularly.

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