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Just Getting Started?

What to do if you’re just starting out on your Author Adventure: planning, preparation, and dealing with your Inner Dickhead



  • Embrace boredom because that’s where magic happens

    If you want to write a book and you’re not doing it, your problem isn’t that you don’t have time. It’s not that you need more info. And you definitely don’t need another £49 “how to write a bestseller in a week” template. Your problem is that you are not permitted to be bored.

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  • Blog: I quit the world and went to the woods

    Standing under the shower, with sunlight dappling through the trees above me, and my feet rooted to the smooth slate stepping stone, I felt peaceful for the first time in… I don’t know. Forever. Through that stone, I could feel the Earth breathing.

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  • Blog: Story ain’t the big banana

    Everybody worries about being a good storyteller but story ain’t the big banana. Story is just the vehicle for your IDEA .If you don’t have a strong idea and solid point of view, your story will have about as much impact as a fart in a hurricane. Stop worrying about your writing for 5 minutes and focus on your idea.

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  • Do you cause your own headaches, too? 😭

    Me: why do I have a headache again? Also me: stares at sleep app showing a sleep debt of 4,184 hours.(I exaggerate but honestly only slightly.) Ah. That might be why my head hurts. And why I can see tweety birds in my peripheral vision. How can my sleep debt be this high?

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  • “I’ve had to think for myself” <- o no!

    "ChatGPT has been down today which means I’ve had to think for myself when writing my ABOUT ME section here on LinkedIn. I think I may have become too reliant on the speed at which it can help me structure my ADHD thoughts".

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