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I drink gin and I know things. Pour me into your ears here.

Episode 274: Talking to People with John Holcroft

Follow John: Guest Info -  John Holcroft I help the people who've seen an opportunity

Episode 273: You’ve Done Your 2nd Draft—Now What?

Show NotesIt's extremely hot at Moxie Towers, so lower your expectations for podcast energy levels

Episode 272: Writing Journeys with Joanna Penn

Follow Joanna:Guest Info -  ​Joanna PennJoanna Penn helps authors make a living writing through her

Episode 271: Would you like to play a game?

Show NotesWhen's the last time you played? When were you last really silly? This week,

Episode 270: Mike Garner’s Big Book Adventure

Follow Mike: Guest Info -  Mike Garner I’m a content and email conversion copywriter. I

Episode 269: You Wrote Your First Draft—Now What?

Show NotesWhat do you do when you’ve emptied your brain onto paper and you’re wading

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