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I drink gin and I know things. Pour me into your ears here.

Episode 203: The Problem With Invidia [7 Deadly Sins of Writing a Book]

Joe and I get all etymological on you and fling three cool words in your

Episode 202: Lessons From My Book Launch

This week, I try and fail to avoid Joe's extreme garlic breath, then explain why

Episode 201: Inner Critic or Inner Dickhead?

In this week's episode, I discover I'm actually married to a robot. Or possibly an

Episode 200: 15 Reasons to Write a Book

Joe and I fail to do anything special for our 200th podcast episode, except be

Episode 199: Atomic Habits is Bloody Brilliant!

There is a magnificent hat in this episode! Because although my eye makeup was on

Episode 198: Growing Like a Rotting Badger

Joe and I stagger into the Roaring 20s with a festive gin & tonic and

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