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I drink gin and I know things. Pour me into your ears here.

Episode 199: Atomic Habits is Bloody Brilliant!

There is a magnificent hat in this episode! Because although my eye makeup was on

Episode 198: Growing Like a Rotting Badger

Joe and I stagger into the Roaring 20s with a festive gin & tonic and

Episode 197: Sleepwalking Through Life

Joe and I drink tea and discuss philosophy. Well, kind of. I reveal myself to

Episode 196: Do Something Hard Today

Joe and I are almost foiled by technology and then a ghost in the Dingle,

Episode 195: The War Of Art, or, Bashing Bad Guys

Joe is wearing a dressing gown! A very snazzy, smoking-jacket-esque dressing gown, but a dressing

Episode 194: Margo Aaron Yells On My Podcast

Margo Aaron is a splendid writer and even more splendid human being, and I managed

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