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I drink gin and I know things. Pour me into your ears here.

Episode 267: Keeping it Simple with Christine Meyer

Follow Christine:Guest Info -  Christine MeyerI’m Christine Meyer, and I help successful, influential, passionate thought-leaders

Episode 266: What Makes a Good Story?

Show NotesIn this week’s episode, Vicky and Joe ruin stories for you forever. Just kidding.

Episode 265: Glitter & Books with Harriet Randall

Follow Harriet:Guest Info -  Harriet RandallHelping women unlock their sparkle, shimmy away their stress and

Episode 264: Rubbing Shoulders with Kathy Scott

Follow Kathy:Guest Info - Kathy ScottKathy Scott has been a massage therapist for 12 years

Episode 263: Brains are Magical Assholes with Jocelyn Brady

Follow Jocelyn:Guest Info - Jocelyn BradyYour brain is built for magical things.I help you create

Episode 262: The Magic of Tiny Stories

Show NotesVicky and Joe talk tiny tales, things that make Vicky cry, and why Joe

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