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Episode 305: Copy + Creativity with Kim Krause Schwalm

Follow Kim:Guest Info — Kim Krause SchwalmKim Krause Schwalm, founder of the Get Dangerously Good copywriting training and mentorship hub, helps copywriters, marketers, and business owners


But WHY are You Writing this Book?

Why are you writing your book?Is your Big Idea for your book setting your heart on fire? Do you feel butterflies when you think about creating it?I’m asking because your WHY is important.Not in an


Episode 304: What Does a Book Coach Actually DO?

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe as Vicky freaks out about a horror movie they watched—and get a few brilliant book recommendations. (Not horror.) Then sit back and relax as they ask: so what


Why Am I Not Writing When I Want To Write?

I’m sprawled on the sofa.It looks like I’m mindlessly scrolling Instagram, but what’s actually happening is screaming inside my head:“GET UP. GETUP GETUP GETUP. GET OFF THE SOFA AND GO AND WRITE


Episode 303: Traditional publishing—DO BETTER

Show NotesThis week Vicky goes solo and runs her mouth off about how traditional publishers need to BLOODY DO BETTER. She got a message after the last episode, and that message inspired this


My Fave Piece of Terrible Writing Advice

I have a little compilation of shitty advice and information adults give to kids.Gems such as:“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Bitch words hurt the MOST so hush.And:“Do


Episode 302: The New Vanity Publishing?

Show NotesThis week, Vicky and Joe talk about why we shouldn’t burst our own balloons and downplay our achievements. That’s after Vicky goes on a 5 minute rant about why The Wheel of Time


What Does a Book Coach Actually DO Tho?

If you load the pics up there ^^ you’ll see what some fabulous folk have to say about writing a book.Specifically, a few words about how a book coach can help you crowbar your book out of your brain


Episode 301: Bestseller Balls

Show NotesOMG it’s the 301st episode! Question: do you dream about getting onto the New York Times bestseller list? Don’t bother mate. Bestseller lists are balls—and if we write a book

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The 8 Deadly Sins of Basic Ass Nonfiction Books

People worry a lot about writing a boring-ass book.And when I say people, I mean me. I worry. About everything, all the time—but specifically, right now, about writing a basic-bitch book.I also worry

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